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The trick with this question is not to confuse true love with “supposed to love”. Supposed to love things are those that you feel obligated to love and in turn obliged to keep. Perhaps they came from a relative or child, or they were treasured by someone before you, maybe they are worth a significant amount of money. Supposed to love things often carry the fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Trust us, that person will most likely survive. If you’re honest with them chances are they will actually understand. Either way, this is your life, your home, and your decision. Answer this question for yourself alone – trust us, it will set you free.

When we ask you if you love it, we are saying, “Do you really, really love it?” We’re talking about the kind of love that would make you consider running into a burning building to save it. This love gives you a wiggly-giggly warm feeling in your belly and makes you smile every time you think about it. These are the things you want to surround yourself with because they bring you joy, comfort and happiness. Fill your home with them. If you answered “Yes” this is an automatic and absolute keeper – don’t even think twice about it, this is yours.

So... do you really love it?

love it



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