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June 1, 2018

Lori Fike joins Joe Vagnoine on WSIC's Local BizNow with guest Cindy Hostetler, RN, MSN of Care Weavers.

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There are three things I believe we can safely agree on. First, making more money is a good thing. Second, we’d like to make more money while working less. Third, we would like to make more money, working less, and with happy clients that are easy to deal with.

How to talk to my parents, holiday conversations, moving into a senior home

I had the best grandmother ever. Don't even try to compare, mine was the best. And of course, I was her favorite. She might have told the others they were her favorite, but that wasn't true, I was her favorite.

My Gram loved me so much she would make me buckwheat pancakes every morning with melted butter (in a pan, not a microwave) and warm real maple syrup. She would also have milk in a chilled glass that was shaped like a hand grenade. I would eat my pancakes (both servings because there were always at least two), gulp my milk and my day would be off to a great start. I was loved.


Chaos to Calm featured on Local Biz Now

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