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"After reading an article written by Susan Shinn regarding Chaos to Calm, I decided to email them regarding my youngest son’s group home bedroom. My son Benji has lived at Shamrock Group Home for 14 years where he is required to keep all of his belongings in a small bedroom. A cluttered mess was the best way to describe his room - his extensive collections of books, CD's, DVD's, video games, Special Olympic trophies, sports memorabilia and clothes were scattered, piled and stacked everywhere."

"I was regularly receiving calls from the group home staff requesting I address the mess. It was stressful and overwhelming for us all. Lori spent time understanding what both my and the group home’s goals and requirements were for Benji’s room. She then spoke with Benji about what he liked and wanted for his room.

Benji, hearing and speech impaired, was able to say “neater without getting rid of my stuff”. The ladies at Chaos To Calm are miracle workers. Over the next few weeks his room went from chaos to calm. The biggest surprise for me was the realization that he didn’t need more furniture to get organized - they took out his old furniture and actually brought in fewer pieces. They found a creative ways to hang his prized 36 baseball caps, display over 100 trophies, and organize hundreds of books, CDs, and games in a functional way that looks fantastic.

The best part of the transformation is that Benji absolutely loves his room now and is keeping it the way they organized it. It is actually easy for him to do! The group home staff is thrilled, my stress and worry about the room is now gone and best of all Benji is proud of his room and happy and comfortable in it. In addition to all of that, Benji and I now have new friends in our lives!”

"Chaos to Calm are AMAZING!! They carefully packed my house, unpacked it, oversaw my household sale, and helped me downsize to a smaller space. I could not have done this alone. My family lives out of town and I am so glad I found these ladies. Every one of them has a loving and kind personality. I have gained new friendships and will miss seeing them. Otis and Emily will miss them, too. They do quality work and made me feel relaxed during a stressful situation. You go girls, you are the BEST!!! I cannot say enough good things about them!!"

"Chaos to Calm helped us when we were overwhelmed with clutter. Their team arrived on time and worked hard all day de-cluttering, organizing, making helpful suggestions, cleaning up all in a delightful manner without any complaints. We have never worked with a better group. Lori Fike will help you when you can't help yourself."

"Fantastic with disaster RELIEF: These gals know what to do when called on a dime. A massive water leak left mayhem in the dining room of a property we have. Lori's crew came in and began pulling undamaged items out of closets, off the mantle and floor, etc. I walked in to an amazing process of cataloging: each item was being photographed, listed and described in Excel, bubble-wrapped and packaged for storage. I couldn't have been more relieved for their expertise and help!!"

"Our association with Lori and her company Chaos To Calm, Inc. was absolutely the best part of our relocation experience. My wife was diagnosed with an incurable disease and as you can imagine my family was turned upside down. When we finally came to some rational time my family and I decided it best for us to relocate from North Carolina, where we had no family, to Kansas City to move in with one of our daughters.

Sounds easy but we had no idea where to begin; all we knew was our window of opportunity to get my wife to Kansas City was about two weeks. Where to start, what to keep, hire a moving company, how to pack, hire a rental truck? There was so much to do. With all my family living out of state and me being a full-time care giver for my wife I had little time for packing or organizing. I quite frankly panicked big time. In desperate need of moving expertise I was led to Lori!

After our first meeting I had total confidence in Lori. She explained all the details to get us moving on our schedule. What really impressed me was that Lori communicated with me but also with my wife who some folks just ignore. She kept Arlene in the loop and that seemed to empower her to be positive about the move and ready to go when before she was very hesitant.

  • Lori got us through every road block. Some ordinance kept us from having a sale on site so Lori just moved the items that needed to be sold to her site.
  • We wanted the move to be invisible to Arlene – so no bare rooms, pictures or rugs to make her feel bad. We left at 11 AM and Lori’s folks starting packing at noon.
  • The stuff we wanted for Kansas City was moved by a rental truck driven by my son. Lori picked up the truck Saturday morning, and loaded all of our stuff and our SUV on a trailer behind the truck. My son and his wife flew in from New York about, picked up the truck at our apartment and thanks to Lori were ready immediately to leave for the drive to Kansas City.

These are just a few of our many, many positive experiences with Lori and her company. My wife is 87 and we arrived in Kansas City stress free, thanks to her and her team. I recommend Lori for any age, anywhere. She is part of our family.”

"Everyone has met overwhelming situations with trepidation at some level. Our physical home move for my mother, Mrs. Bettye Bailey, into a new home was a daunting task. My mother, and my deceased dad, had lived in this family home for 56 years."

"The team from Chaos To Calm moved my mother’s home with great respect for her belongings and helped her feel relaxed that they would pack and handle her belongings with great care and concern. They moved in an organized manner, not wasting a second. They were warm and caring helping my mom comfortably transition from the old family home to the new one. The ladies set up my mother’s new bedroom so that her first night in her new home was comfortable and familiar."

"Truly committed to a job well done, my entire family wishes to thank them for their work. We look forward to inviting them back into our new home for family events. We appreciate their professionalism and the personal touch they provided each day. We most highly recommend them to anyone wishing to move, downsize, re-organize or make a transition. Again, our special thanks to, Chaos To Calm, as they truly live up to their name.”

"Lori and her staff were professional, punctual, and efficient. They did everything we asked for and more. Perhaps most importantly, they were kind and understanding in a (sometimes) stressful situation. There is no way my mother, my brothers and I could have completed her move in a timely fashion without their help."


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